The Deal

The idea that started it all was when I was watching the combat in the PS1 game, Xenogears. It felt visceral, like a fighting game, but I was mindful of the fact that its an RPG.

As a kid, I really wanted to like fighting games, but I didn’t have any friends who could teach me. I understood there was a lot of tactics involved, and that was the fun thing about it. But I could hardly pull a dragon punch on an arcade stick, so much of it was lost to me.

Could you perhaps have something as intense as fighting games but have it as cerebral as a tactics game? What the hell am I even thinking?

Over the years, I’ve played many games: XCOM: UFO DefenseFinal Fantasy TacticsFallout 2, Vagrant Story, Neverwinter Nights, Valkyrie ProfileDragon Age: Origins, Disgaea, Valkyria ChroniclesResonance of Fate, Dark Souls, and lately, Skullgirls. I’ve always thought about that game idea every now and then.

Here are the goals/ideas I’ve been coming up with:

  1. A fighting game but not as frantic: lessen the requirement of fast reflexes.
  2. As visceral and fast as a fighting game. The game has to be playable as reasonably fast as the player wants to.
  3. Lessen the requirement of memorizing patterns of input to execute special attacks. In fact, I’m not gonna put that in at all.
  4. Hitting is determined by physical collisions, not by formulae, like traditional RPG systems.
  5. Positioning is important.
  6. Incorporate other fighting game ideas:
    1. Combo attacks.
    2. Punishing: Concept of giving weakness to players who spam attacks mindlessly. This jives with the idea that the game is about tactics and strategy.
    3. Super meter: A gauge that fills up when you hit and/or get hit, used to unleash a powerful attack. This almost ensures the match will have a climactic ending, because both losing and winning player can dish out a lot of damage if they do things right.

More explanation of these goals will come in later posts.


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