Gui Test 2

For the 1 Year Game Competition, I’m concentrating on the combat system of the game.

Here is my entry:

Name: Tactics Ensemble

Description: The combat system of a turn-based, tactical role-playing game, with the goal of incorporating fighting game mechanics.


This project is actually just the combat system of a larger project I’m making: a full-fledged RPG game. But I want to concentrate on the combat system first, hence, this. You may see some little glints of what the RPG game may end up to be with this combat system, but the focus right now is more on the fundamental mechanics for combat.

The end product for this small project is an “instant action” game where you choose your units, choose a map, then duke it out in battle against AI (or perhaps another human player), much like “skirmish” modes in many RTS games. So, no story yet, whatsoever. No leveling-up yet, no character inventory yet.

I’m even content to use placeholder Darwinia-esque graphics for this project, because I’m only one guy and I’d rather focus on the design of the game than the art right now. I don’t have funds to hire artists, so its just me for now.

The Sooey-side Mission

  1. Establish Clear Goals
    1. Right now is still pre-production stage. This game so far did not go through trial by game jam, so I am at a disadvantage here. I still need to establish the rules of the game, but for the sake of getting this see the light of day, I laid down a foundation now. More on this in the next post.
  2. Establish Proper Routine
    1. Sprints will have to be 1 week long. I only have weekends to work on the game.
    2. Updates about the actual game is the highest priority but I will put updates on the art when there is time.
    3. There needs to be detoxification time: hitting up the Unity IRC channel, helping beginners in their source code problems, finishing the backlog of PS3 games, doing art, sleeping, etc. The project will fail without this.
  3. Find Valuable Feedback
    1. I need to find where my target audience hangs out, and seek their help. However, the game is not in a usable state yet.
    2. I also need to stop listening to useless suggestions. I need to have the wisdom to tell good suggestions from bad. In fact, I’d say everyone needs this skill.

The Pain Points

  1. Crazy Idea. Oh shit nigga, what the hell are you doing.
    1. Melee is the main problem. More on this on later posts.
  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI). I don’t know jack shit about this.
    1. Behavior trees sound sweet. AngryAnt has a free library: Behave.
      1. I’ve yet to wrap my head around how to code this and now there’s a second generation of behavior trees article. Need to catch up.
  3. GUI. Unity‘s Achilles heel. When will we finally see it, Unity? UPDATE: Pretty soon!
    1. So here are the workarounds:
      1. The 3d GUI thing. Prime31’s UIToolkit works the same way and that could be a good starting point.
      2. Buy a 3rd party library. NGUI seems to be the flavor of the month right now. Comparison between NGUI & EZGUI. Need to get my PayPal up and running if I am to get this!
  4. Art. Imma git git git, git you drunk
    1. No funds for this right now, but Kinect cameras can work as cheap motion capture systems.
    2. Dexsoft-Games.
    3. Wrist rotation and elbow/knee direction, have you been fixed yet? This is my problem and Blender‘s. Not sure yet, but hopefully yes. Yes!

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