The Whole Point Of This Blog

This blog is to journalize my entry to IGDA Manila’s 1 Year Game Competition. I haven’t even submitted my entry yet because my PC is broken right now. And I’ve recently sent my entry.

The 1 Year Game competition requires monthly updates, but I need something more frequent. Thus, I am making this blog to write down weekly updates. Even if I don’t get feedback, it helps me put things into perspective when I write about it.

Let’s make one thing clear. I don’t want “wow, nice!”, “that’s cool!” one-liner comments with no substance1. Its probably a waste of bandwidth we’re all paying for.

I’m not doing this to be cool. I’m not inspired. I’m not a happy man. I’m doing this because these goddamn ideas won’t stop coming up. I’m doing this because I’m driven. There’s a reason why the game is named Victis. There’s a reason why I call myself Anomalous Underdog. Even if the world went into a nuclear apocalypse, expect to see posts here.

I understand that’s all quite vague. Hopefully with this blog, my motivations will be clearer to you in the coming months.

1: Let’s not pat ourselves on the back, especially when we haven’t even finished what we’re working on yet.

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