W.U. 2.2: Finger Rigging Good!

The rigging tutorial I mentioned last time had a pretty good leg rig, so I used his technique. Only problem was once I added a pole target to the leg’s IK, the whole leg would twist too much.

To solve that, I did the same thing I did with the wrist. Each bone in the leg’s IK chain now has a duplicate, and each of the duplicates have a Track To constraint to the leg below it. The bottommost duplicate’s Track To points to the IK bone itself.

This means the duplicates follow the IK chain, but their rotation instead follows the local rotation of the IK bone itself.

The last thing I needed to put in the soldier rig are the fingers. The Mancandy style was still my preferred rigging technique.

Just had a small problem since I rigged the left hand first, then duplicated it for the right hand, and some things fucked up:

The edges of the coat here, I can probably add bones so I can manually animate the coat flapping. On the other hand, I can let Unity animate it automatically using cloth physics.

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with my rig. Here is a sample animation I did to test my rig:

Here is the animation as a crisp animated gif. Click the thumbnail to view. WARNING: 4 MB file!

Here are the animation of the bones only. Fortunately, their file size is small so I can show them easily here:

These are all the bones that I animate:

And these are all the bones that the mesh is attached to.

You get an internet high-five from me if you know whose Kamen Rider this transformation is.

Answer found here.


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