W.U. 3: Animations

Those boots are too big! Maybe Morivalians really have big boots? Or did I just model my Dragurian soldier’s boots too small?

Slow week today. I was fixing a bug in the JSON serialization: it was trying to serialize a UnityEngine.Material!

Also I got out of sync because I had to stay in the office for the weekend. One of my subordinates really messed up, and with one day until his deadline, I had to intervene and redo parts of his code.

I also got sick, I think I drank too much soda the whole week.

Unfortunately I’m at a point where I find it hard to continue visualizing how to go about the code without some proper 3d models and animations, so I’ll be concentrating on animations first.

I just realized my 3d model is not in proper scale, and its not in the proper framerate I want it to be in. Its scaled too big for the game engine, and the Kamen Rider animation test I did was in 24 frames per second.

And when you resize an armature in Blender and apply the scale, the animation will be distorted, specifically the location of the IK bones. Actually, it turns out you just need to scale animations too, in the same amount that you scaled the armature.

The IK bones’ positions are not scaled to match when you apply the scale of an armature. So I had to go through each IK bone and scale the location F-curves, then move them to the proper location. Perhaps a Python script to automate that can be done.

As for the framerate, its only a matter of scaling the keyframes’ positions in the timeline.

So here’s a bland running animation as placeholder:

I think that really needs work.


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