IGDA Manila June Meetup

By Monday, I got the invitation for the June Meetup. I had 6 days to prepare.

From this:

To this:

Obivously still not good enough visually, but that’s not the priority right now.

I had to squeeze some free-time during the week to work on my build.

By Thursday, 3 days left, I received news that Powerpoint-style presentations were not allowed; you had to demo it live.

Whoops. Game doesn’t even have winning conditions yet. What the hell will I demo? I needed to rush the melee attack code, as I’ve detailed in my previous post.

Fortunately I have some code left over from my previous experiments, but still, my only free-time was by Friday. So I decided not to sleep and rush it for the presentation.

By Saturday, I decided to leave by 11:00 AM to beat any potential traffic. I arrived too early, about 12 noon. I ate at a KFC and decided to kill time by playing Final Fantasy Tactics.

It was the final fight with Gaffgarion. Got to a really exciting and close fight. Because one, I did not grind, two, I hardly know this game.

Ramza has to duel with Gaffgarion, while my team of four units have to fight an ambush by  five or six units.

A few turns in and my Black Mage died. I thought, a few moves ahead and I’m gonna lose. I didn’t bring any healers with me and my main DPS is already dead.

Then I realized, for some reason, I gave my Knight the Pheonix Down ability. With my Black Mage recuperating, I needed to concentrate on the Summoner that was being a real pain in the ass. Fortunately, it turns out he didn’t have a lot of health so it only took about two to three attacks to dispatch him.

Mustadio‘s Arm Aim and Leg Aim proved to be indispensable in the fight. I had the enemy left being useless while I let my team regroup.

Meanwhile, Ramza was in a pretty difficult situation himself. Gaffgarion’s Night Sword makes him practically invulnerable because it was a good health-leeching attack. Looking at my options I decided to risk it with a Power Break. Will that reduce his Night Sword’s damage?

Turns out it did. His 45 points of damage became 27. Ergo, the health he gains with it now is also 27 only. With this, I think Ramza has a fighting chance then.

While my team was slowly turning the tables with the occasional need to use Pheonix Down, Ramza still wasn’t making enough of a scratch. Gaffgarion gets to make two attacks per one of Ramza’s, so one Power Break wasn’t enough. It took me two tries to inflict another Power Break on him, bringing down his Night Sword to a measly 9 points of damage.

Who’s the man now, Gaff? I almost felt sorry for him.

And with that, it became a matter of mopping up the competition. The whole fight took about 30 minutes.

I must’ve looked rather foolish: a man in a place full of corporate buildings and employees, furrowing his brow, studying his tablet/netbook intently, which turns out to be for a videogame.

Anyway, I reached the meeting place by 1:30 PM. By 2:00 PM there was only about six of us, with about two of them being of the organizers. This is known as Filipino Standard Time, which means everyone will always be late.

The presentation itself went pretty ok, like I said, I didn’t have much to show, so it was pretty quick.

Someone suggested for me to consider Kickstarter. Man, everyone must be jumping on the bandwagon with this. I really don’t have anything presentable yet, so a Kickstarter campaign is still far off in the future, if ever.

I want to establish a fanbase first, get a community going on for this, help me with good feedback, generally, have fun with the game.

As for the other presentations, they were all pretty good. Sony’s (his Christian name is Sony) game was the big surprise for me: a visual novel game about a college professor and students and uhmmmm…. stuff happens. Hopefully the prototype build is uploaded in the 1 Year Game site so I can link it to you guys. You can try it out here.

There’s KonsolScript. These guys decided to make their own scripting language meant for games. Not sure why, but there it is, and they have a lot of sample games too!

There’s also Tinygrams, which is kinda cool. Its like Instagram, but for 8-bit art. My only complaint is there’s no desktop or Android version. How am I supposed to share my wonderful 8-bit Dragurian soldier to the world now? To make it relevant to the competition, they’re incorporating videogame elements to it.

Went home to get some deserved rest. Happy to say my desktop PC is working now. Had to re-install Windows and everything but thankfully all my files are still intact I lost some files along the way. Fortunately, I had been working on Victis from my backup removable drive.


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