Notes on the A.I.

Here’s some notes I was taking down while watching the behaviour tree video by Alex J. Champandard (part 1, part 2, and part 3).

Goals for the A.I.

  1. “Intelligent” enough to know how to preserve itself
  2. Compentent enough to finish goals assigned to it
    1. Adaptable to situations
      1. If it suddenly can’t do what is assigned to it, it should do some fallback action, perhaps wait until such time that it can do it again.
      2. If it can do multiple ways of achieving a goal assigned to it, it should look for the best way it can do it (HTN Planner)
    2. Fuzzy goals: give percentage as to how much attention it should give to each goal assigned to it (priority)
  3. Coordinate with allies to do joint operations (semaphores?)

Goals for the A.I. System

  1. Easy to use/understand (don’t we all want this)
  2. No need to bug the programmer every time: Once the system has been coded, let designers design behaviour without more coding (as much as possible). (How? By making the system composed of basic building blocks that can express up to the most complex ideas, like Lego, so the designer can use them in creative ways without asking the programmer to hard-code something all the time.)
  3. Easy to reuse:
    1. Reuse behaviour: Reference a (reusable) sub-behaviour within a behaviour.
    2. Use concept of cascading style sheets/inheritance: Reuse generic behaviours and just override for specific functionality. Can even use strategy pattern on lieu of this (override behaviours during runtime).
    3. Encourage creating small, modular, connectable behaviours.

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