W.U. XIII: The Missing Weekly Updates

I am currently loaded with work so I wasn’t able to update the past week or so.

Instead I stole some time those weeks to do some art to de-stress.

Still not sure if I did her properly. Any younger and that would have been questionable. Nevertheless, she turned out close to what we’ve planned for her.

This is my current favourite. It was supposed to be “Witch Knight” but Kingdoms of Amalur beat me to it. Since they’re witches, I wonder if they should be female? Hmmm.

I tried making a “Dragurian Heavy” soldier. I don’t like how it turned out though.

Obviously needs work with the symmetry. Kudos to Stan Prokopenko for the tutorials!

I was not confident that I could draw Serin properly, and I certainly still think this is not good enough. Its like trying to draw a fleeting beauty.

As an aside, I’ve put up an Indie DB page in the hopes of getting more feedback. Hopefully some developers and gamers would chime in and say what they think.

As for programming, I’ve been slowly picking back up on it. Right now I’m making an editor for the behaviour trees. Its turning out to be really difficult because of the way GUI is made in Unity.


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