W.U. 14: Behaviour Tree Editor Update

Sorry for the voice and volume, this was done in a hurry. I’m really busy.

Here I demonstrate how my Behaviour Tree Editor works so far.

If you don’t know what that is, basically, it’s what powers the A.I. system. Here I have a tool to make these A.I. systems and tweak them while playing the game.

I got some updates on it, and I may release it as open-source if anyone wants.

So far, the editor can now be used to edit the properties of actions and conditions (even while the game is running), drag nodes around, and load/save Behaviour Tree files. Files are saved in JSON format.

I was surprised and annoyed there was no ready made free code to draw a color picker dialog box in runtime for Unity, so I made one. But it was surprisingly easy, thanks to the HSBColor code in the Unity wiki site. I can also release it in open-source if anyone wants.

Also quite nice is the file dialog box code in ImprovedFileBrowser. If anyone is looking into making a runtime file dialog box, that’s a good place to start.

2 thoughts on “W.U. 14: Behaviour Tree Editor Update

  1. Awesome work. I’m interested in how you handle the GUI as well as how you deal with compiling it down and running it. Would be interested in any tips or the code if you decide to open source it. I’ve been working on my own Behavior Tree Library outside of Unity, but I would like to make more Inspector/Editor/GUI related things.

    • Well, as all editor scripts in Unity go, it uses the built-in GUI system (OnGUI functions). You really just have to be familiar with the Editor functions available to you as someone who will write Unity editor scripts. I usually just check the official script docs.

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