My Scrum Burndown Chart

I use the methodology called Scrum when working on Tactics Ensemble. It’s very appropriate for any videogame project where there are a lot of unknowns at the start.

The most useful thing it can provide you is what they call the burndown chart.

It’s a chart detailing how many tasks you’ve done, and how many you should’ve done at the time. From there you can predict if you’re going to miss the deadline or not.

I use OpenOffice Calc with a bunch of formulae to help me automate much of the calculcations.

Burndown charts let you see if you’re going to miss the deadline. The blue line is the ideal path. By the deadline, the blue line (outstanding tasks) should be zero. The red line is where I actually am.

From the image you can see I was on a roll back in July. That was when I made melee attacks and the attack editor.

Right now I’m cutting it close, but the progress is good.


W.U. 15: Another update on the Behaviour Tree Editor

This Behaviour Tree Editor is really taking up much of my time. Its the “Editor” part, to be more precise.

  1. Traversals can now be watched in the Editor. That is to say, the Traversals Display Window and the Editor now show the same thing.
  2. This also means proper editing of Behaviour Trees can now be done in-game.
  3. The Editor can now be used to add new nodes to the tree.


  1. The rest of operations for nodes: deleting, duplicating.
  2. Tabbed interface: more than one behaviour tree open at a time.
  3. Make it work for the Player class in addition to the Unit class (for editing victory/defeat conditions)
  4. Minor enhancements: add feedback on where node gets placed when dragged.