W.U. 25: Shieldsman Shield Concept Art

The next unit to be implemented is the Shieldsman. A heavily armored soldier carrying a retractable tower shield. This unit serves as the tank, incoming attacks from the front are negated while the shield is in place. It is slow, however, and cannot traverse steep slopes. It cannot even climb ladders as they would collapse under its sheer weight.


Retractable Tower Shields are the Shieldsmen’s namesake. Made of solid steel, only the strongest warriors take up this role.

While in limber mode, the shield offers more mobility (limited as it is for a Shieldsman).

When activated, the shield is as good as a wall of steel, shrugging off even the high-speed bullets of Sharpshooters.

My first step is to concept the Shieldsman’s shield. I won’t bother actually making the Shieldsman yet; I’ll just reuse the Dragurian Colony Soldier 3d model for now.

This sketch shows how Shieldsmen may look like.

"Got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one."

I got carried away and made another shield:


Adorned with three hideous faces, the Mad Kings Shield is not for protection as much as a tool to strike terror to enemies.

The retractable component doubles as a tool to kill, serving as a portable guillotine. In practice, this miniature guillotine only works best as a coup de grâce move.


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