Behaviour Tree Plugin Update: Spiffy New Look!



2 thoughts on “Behaviour Tree Plugin Update: Spiffy New Look!

  1. G’day AnomalousUnderdog,

    I ended up here after reading about your BT on the unity forums, then spent a nice 30 minutes reading your blog history here. I love reading about how people solve various problems, especially when the entire process is laid out like your pathfinder and costing blog late last year.

    I thought I’d drop you a note in relation to your BT. Really looking quite good and i’m really liking the idea that it can be modified whilst running. Your debugging helper arrow is perfect too, I wish the others had it!

    I’m using RAIN{indie} right now, and am really just fighting with it.
    – it has a pathfinding/locomotion component, but I’d rather use A* pathfinding project and my own locomotion scripts.
    – it has the ability to detect other items using colliders etc, but I find it more accurate to use my own methods (find the closest X items using square root of distance, then feed it into the pathfinder to find if they are path-able and then return the actual closest item…etc).
    – lots more reasons here.

    In essence, I’m really just using RAIN for it’s BT implementation (sequences, Selectors, etc) and filling it with custom scripts. This is what is making your BT so attractive, since I’m writing custom scripts anyways.

    If you need an alpha/beta tester please let me know as I’m happy to help out, I’m also more than happy to port my tree from RAIN{indie} to your implementation to try it out.

    – Rob

    • Thanks so much Rob! Glad to hear my efforts are appreciated. This BT library I’m making is one of the things I’m working on in my free time that hopefully I can sell on the Asset Store later on. I’ll certainly need help from people like you to help me know what to improve on it. I’ll contact you when I have news.

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