Changing Things


So, here’s the thing.

One of the experiments I did with my game was that movement also consumed Action Points. This is the same with the old XCOM and Fallout games.

However one thing I noticed is that I am poor at judging how much Action Points I should spend, i.e. “Oops, I made my unit move too far, now he doesn’t have enough AP to actually attack anymore! He’s just a sitting duck.”

This wasn’t so much of a problem with XCOM; the AP in that game is of whole numbers, that amounted to less than 100 points, normally. It’s even smaller in Fallout which would be in the 10-20 range usually. (It was feasible for them to use whole numbers because those games had grids for movement.)

Being in small whole numbers, it was easy to think ahead how much AP you’d need i.e. “Oh, swinging this big hammer costs 3 AP so I better use only up to 7 AP (being that my character has 10 AP)”.

In this regard, I’m deciding to experiment with a different system. It’ll closely resemble Skulls of the Shogun or the Arc the Lad games in PS2, where movement has no cost. Instead, you can move as much as you’d like within your movement range (i.e. a circle perimeter).

There will still be AP, but it is only needed for attacks or other actions instead now.

It also feels like something that may resemble Valkyria Chronicles, in the end, in that it feels like an action-game, only that you control many people, one at a time.


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