Results of 1 Year Game Challenge


So, by the way, I forgot to mention that the 1 Year Game Challenge sort of fell by the wayside. Long story short, the organizers were disheartened by the amount of participants giving up. Ergo, they stopped asking for updates from us remaining participants. So I kind-of lost motivation too, amidst busy schedules.

However! The new IGDA Manila board initiated a revival of the competition, which they simply called 1 Year Game Challenge++.

With new people manning the competition, hopefully this will work out better.

This time they’re trying to coax motivation by making participants give up PHP 1,000.00 (approx. USD 20.00) to IGDA Manila. If they back out of the competition, IGDA keeps the 1,000 bucks. If they finish their game and release, and some threshold of download numbers are reached (which is admittedly very low), they give back the money.

It’s a well meant gesture (and a cheap tactic to get funds) but I’m a believer that carrot-and-stick motivators don’t work with creative endeavors (however, I believe they work if your livelihood is on the line). This is from Dan Pink’s TED talk on motivation.

I instead suggested the participants do periodic game jams, as I always see a sky-rocket jump in motivation when you’re in a room filled with other people doing the same thing.

In the end, I joined again. Development on Tactics Ensemble has been halted long enough!


A.I. Influence Maps

In order to help me more on the A.I., I’m trying to implement the technique of influence maps.

From aiGameDev:

Influence maps have been around since the very early days of game AI, tracing their history back to real-time strategy games over a decade ago. Since then, influence maps have become a cornerstone technique for game developers, and are even starting to become prevalent in first-person shooters as well (e.g. KILLZONE 2/3).


I’ve released my work on an MIT license. The git repository is here:

I’ll be working more on it as I go. Any expert help to guide me is appreciated.

More references:

Rushing for the IGDA July Meetup

For the impending IGDA Manila July Meetup, I certainly won’t be able to rush my next immediate objective: enemy A.I.

So I’m spending the time doing some polishing here and there.

Here’s the soldier with normal maps (finally stopped being lazy about baking it):


It’s sitting at 11.5k triangles which I think is good, but I could probably shave off a few more without sacrificing much detail.

I’ll also add the really cool sounds that Raf had been making.


Gustave has joined your party!

3d artist, musician, and long time friend of mine, Rafael Urbina, expressed his desire to help make Victis a reality.

He’s also the inspiration for Gustave Musgrave, a key character in the story.

He sent me really awesome sounds one day and I was blown away that I am now officially including him in the team as sound/music guy.

I can’t embed sounds here in WordPress so until I get the time to incorporate them into the game, you’ll just have to trust me when I say the gunshot sounds are sweet.

IGDA Manila June Meetup

By Monday, I got the invitation for the June Meetup. I had 6 days to prepare.

From this:

To this:

Obivously still not good enough visually, but that’s not the priority right now.

I had to squeeze some free-time during the week to work on my build.

By Thursday, 3 days left, I received news that Powerpoint-style presentations were not allowed; you had to demo it live.

Whoops. Game doesn’t even have winning conditions yet. What the hell will I demo? Continue reading

W.U. 3.1: Attacks

So I asked how long I have for the presentation and I got this response:

Hi everyone,

As you all know, we’ll be having the meetup this June 30, 2PM at the Exist Techbar (there’s a facebook event in the IGDA Manila group).

The plan is to do a series of 4-minute presentations and impress everyone with your game projects. Here’s what you need to know:

  • You’ll be with your peers. The crowd is mostly game developers themselves so they understand what it takes to make video games.
  • 4-minutes. Then a gong.
  • Show us the game. I’ll preinstall the prototypes you sent me on a laptop, but if you made improvements bring a copy and we’ll use that instead. Absolutely no powerpoints!
  • Things you might want to cover are: the idea, the point of difference (what makes your game stand out), your team, future plans, what help you need to get it completed
  • Practice your talk at least once. The audience appreciates that you took the effort to be polished. And it helps you keep to the time limit.
  • Be funny, opinionated or somehow interesting. 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions.


Julius Cebreros

PS. If you can’t make it to the event, just send me a message covering point 4 and the organizers will read that on your behalf. If not then we’ll just show your game and stare at it while deeply contemplating our place in the universe.

One thing stood out to me:

Absolutely no powerpoints!

Which I take it he means Powerpoint Presentations, but actually meant presentations in general. Quite interesting to have mentioned that only 2 days away from the presentation! I guess having presentation materials is moot.

So, I’m rushing the melee attacks for the presentation. I got an idle, run, and now an attack animation:

So what is that red thing he’s holding? As mentioned in the blog, the setting is a fantasy world with guns instead of swords.

That thing he’s holding is a placeholder for what will eventually be a 3d model of a Blunderbuss. As you can see, he’s also using it as a blunt instrument.

Entry Submission Reply

This is the reply I got:

Hi Ferdz,

Thank you for entry. (And being one of the guinea pigs in this little experiment, hehe).

Please await further announcement regarding this month’s Monthly Meetup.

Julius Cebreros

Well, it’s nice that they’re not hiding the fact that I’m being a guinea pig. I was a guinea pig all throughout college and the school never told me.