IGDA Manila June Meetup

By Monday, I got the invitation for the June Meetup. I had 6 days to prepare.

From this:

To this:

Obivously still not good enough visually, but that’s not the priority right now.

I had to squeeze some free-time during the week to work on my build.

By Thursday, 3 days left, I received news that Powerpoint-style presentations were not allowed; you had to demo it live.

Whoops. Game doesn’t even have winning conditions yet. What the hell will I demo? Continue reading


Gridless Map 1

When I was still working for Red Pumpkin, my boss wanted to make a Final Fantasy Tactics style of game.

It came to a point where they were deciding between a square or hex grid for the map.

I immediately suggested a gridless system where units move like in an RTS. They didn’t like the idea at the time though.

That suggestion of mine came from me playing this old 1997 game called Return to Krondor. An RPG game where they don’t make use of a grid for movement.

The gridless map system in Return To Krondor was very simple.

Recent videogames that do this include the soon to release indie game Skulls of the Shogun, the 2007 portable console game Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command, and the console game, Phantom Brave, first released on the PS2 on 2004.

The circle surrounding the unit determines the area that he can move to.

Each green arrow consumes one Action Point for this Space Marine. However, movement is not confined to a grid, so the direction of movement can be at any angle.

The red border indicates the perimeter of how far the unit can move in this one turn.

So across indie and AAA, East and West, Console and PC, if done properly, the idea of gridless movement has been proven to work. Continue reading