IGDA Manila June Meetup

By Monday, I got the invitation for the June Meetup. I had 6 days to prepare.

From this:

To this:

Obivously still not good enough visually, but that’s not the priority right now.

I had to squeeze some free-time during the week to work on my build.

By Thursday, 3 days left, I received news that Powerpoint-style presentations were not allowed; you had to demo it live.

Whoops. Game doesn’t even have winning conditions yet. What the hell will I demo? Continue reading


Presentation on the next June IGDA Manila Monthly Meetup

As requirement for entering the competition, I’ll be presenting my prototype to the IGDA Manila Monthly Meetup this June.

I’ll need to prepare some presentation materials then.

Entry Submission Reply

This is the reply I got:

Hi Ferdz,

Thank you for entry. (And being one of the guinea pigs in this little experiment, hehe).

Please await further announcement regarding this month’s Monthly Meetup.

Julius Cebreros

Well, it’s nice that they’re not hiding the fact that I’m being a guinea pig. I was a guinea pig all throughout college and the school never told me.

The Whole Point Of This Blog

This blog is to journalize my entry to IGDA Manila’s 1 Year Game Competition. I haven’t even submitted my entry yet because my PC is broken right now. And I’ve recently sent my entry.

The 1 Year Game competition requires monthly updates, but I need something more frequent. Thus, I am making this blog to write down weekly updates. Even if I don’t get feedback, it helps me put things into perspective when I write about it.

Let’s make one thing clear. I don’t want “wow, nice!”, “that’s cool!” one-liner comments with no substance1. Its probably a waste of bandwidth we’re all paying for.

I’m not doing this to be cool. I’m not inspired. I’m not a happy man. I’m doing this because these goddamn ideas won’t stop coming up. I’m doing this because I’m driven. There’s a reason why the game is named Victis. There’s a reason why I call myself Anomalous Underdog. Even if the world went into a nuclear apocalypse, expect to see posts here.

I understand that’s all quite vague. Hopefully with this blog, my motivations will be clearer to you in the coming months.

1: Let’s not pat ourselves on the back, especially when we haven’t even finished what we’re working on yet.