W.U. 5: Near Attack

Here is the short-range melee attack.

I think it snaps back to the idle animation a little too fast, so I’ll work on that.

Its also been incorporated into the game. I’ll upload a video once I get around making screen recording work on my PC.


W.U. 4: Melee Attack Crunch Time

With 6 hours 4 hours to go before the meeting, I’ve made an initial test for melee attacks. Since I don’t have any screen recording software at the moment, here is a recording from my tablet:

(Next, time, I’ll rummage through this.)

And here I’ve still yet to explain what those rings are when you attack. I don’t have time to make a diagram right now, but basically, each ring denotes one type of attack.

The smaller ring is for weak, fast, and short-range melee attacks.

The outer ring is, as demonstrated, for farther, more powerful melee attacks.

I’m taking cue from fighting games where you have varying degrees of attacks: maybe a light punch, medium punch, and heavy punch. A light punch makes you dash forward only slightly, while (generally) a heavy punch makes you dash forward a lot more.

Likewise in fighting games, enemies that get hit by melee here will receive pushback.

W.U. 3.1: Attacks

So I asked how long I have for the presentation and I got this response:

Hi everyone,

As you all know, we’ll be having the meetup this June 30, 2PM at the Exist Techbar (there’s a facebook event in the IGDA Manila group).

The plan is to do a series of 4-minute presentations and impress everyone with your game projects. Here’s what you need to know:

  • You’ll be with your peers. The crowd is mostly game developers themselves so they understand what it takes to make video games.
  • 4-minutes. Then a gong.
  • Show us the game. I’ll preinstall the prototypes you sent me on a laptop, but if you made improvements bring a copy and we’ll use that instead. Absolutely no powerpoints!
  • Things you might want to cover are: the idea, the point of difference (what makes your game stand out), your team, future plans, what help you need to get it completed
  • Practice your talk at least once. The audience appreciates that you took the effort to be polished. And it helps you keep to the time limit.
  • Be funny, opinionated or somehow interesting. 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions.


Julius Cebreros

PS. If you can’t make it to the event, just send me a message covering point 4 and the organizers will read that on your behalf. If not then we’ll just show your game and stare at it while deeply contemplating our place in the universe.

One thing stood out to me:

Absolutely no powerpoints!

Which I take it he means Powerpoint Presentations, but actually meant presentations in general. Quite interesting to have mentioned that only 2 days away from the presentation! I guess having presentation materials is moot.

So, I’m rushing the melee attacks for the presentation. I got an idle, run, and now an attack animation:

So what is that red thing he’s holding? As mentioned in the blog, the setting is a fantasy world with guns instead of swords.

That thing he’s holding is a placeholder for what will eventually be a 3d model of a Blunderbuss. As you can see, he’s also using it as a blunt instrument.

W.U. 2: Editing Game Data

This is weekly update number 2. That previous weekly update was just a bonus.

So I had been working on the data representation of melee attacks. I thought it was a good time to make a nice editor front-end for editing them:

This is the nice thing with Unity, you can extend the editor GUI yourself since it’s quite modular in showing data (i.e. components). That MeleeLimits is a ScriptableObject type of class.

What is that for? Its an idea I had in my old version of Tactics Ensemble. Continue reading

W.U. 1: Regarding Combo Attacks

Here it is. The first weekly update.

I mentioned combo attacks as one of the things I was thinking of incorporating to the game. This is for melee. I thought it looked more natural that subsequent attacks (of the same attack type) would have different attack animations.

To reiterate, I want to have different (cycling) attack animations every time the same attack command is used in sequence.

Here is some programmer art to illustrate my point:

(You can see how I got lazy in the last attack pose. It was already 2am and I was hungry.)

I got into deep thought into how to implement a system for it and I was thinking of this: Continue reading